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Chapter 2 "Stoney Gets Caught!"

I Like to dance the Saltwater Coral Crunch! Stoney's Rap Sheet

Stoney is the laid back, matter-of-fact stone crab that travels with Super Snook, because of an incident many years ago. Seems Stoney was once a smaller crab, and was dropped back into Florida’s Tampa Bay by a stone crab fisherman, because his claws were too short. Once he hit the water he began to swim back to the safety of the grass. A big Cobia positioned himself for an easy meal, when Super Snook bum rushed the Cobia and distracted him long enough for Stoney to slip away in the confusion, swirled waters. Ever since, as a way of showing his gratitude for saving his life, Stoney has been a travel companion of Super Snook, and has the ability to go topside at times to do detective work. Super Snook has only a few friends, but I guess Stoney is as much of a friend as a friend can be to Super Snook. Remember, in trust there is treason! Super Snook keeps an eye on Stoney, and is usually a few strokes of the tail ahead of him. He is tolerated, to say the least!

Stoney ended up tricked by a crab fisherman and ended up in his trap! Stoney somehow worked a deal with this fisherman and was released back to roam free. Turns out, in Stoney’s wish to live, he gave up the secret location to Hole, Sweet Hole. Here’s a kicker, as the wife of this Crab Fisherman is best friends with a Florida Key's Charter Captain’s wife. I wonder if there are plans being made to target Hole, Sweet Hole in the near future?! Could this Florida Keys Captain be a match for Super Snook??

Stoney, in the meantime, is high tailin’ it to Super Snook’s lair to warn him of his unfortunate disloyalty...Will Stoney reach Super Snook before it’s too late?! Stay tuned...

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