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J. Suroviec is an avid wildlife conservative.  He uses his artwork to promote public awareness of our beautiful land, forests, and especially oceans.  For more than 20 years J. Suroviec has been an active conservation and environmental burn officer at Bluefield Ranch in Okeechobee, Florida.  Also, among his many attributes, he continues to assist in re-location and planting of native aquatic and land specific trees, sedges, and grasses in addition to eradication of non-native species (both grasses and trees).  He also has replenished large stocks of Florida Bobwhite Quail and remains steadfast in annual predator control during Osceola Turkey nesting season in Florida.  J.Suroviec has never turned-away a wildlife conservation request, so if your organization needs sponsorship, he is enthusiasticly waiting to hear from you!

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