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The Story of Super Snook

In every sport there seems to be some sort of legend, or hero, that is looked upon by many as being the top of their game, or a “super being” at what they do. Almost any sport out there has examples of those that have risen to the top in their field. We now have a fish that has been awarded that “Superman” identity. He is “Super Snook!”

Snook are arguably one of the top game fish here in the fish-rich waters of Florida, and for obvious reasons! They top out at over 50 pounds, and have the attitude of a sleep-deprived, hungover fullback that has to carry the ball 50 times in the big game! OUCH!

Florida Snook, because of our tourist population that influxes each winter, are exposed to a wider variety of fishing methods and lures than tropical Snook. Many a Musky fisherman from Wisconsin have plowed the waters using Muskie tactics. Striped Bass fisherman from the New England are come here to soak their top water lures on the resident fish. Our “Super Snook” has, over the years, evolved into a line-peelin’, reel-shreddin’, guide-splittin’ monster, and has a higher IQ than your regular slot-sized fish. He is a veteran of many a midnight slugfests under barnacle encrusted pilings. He is a full moon tide player that uses his initial burst of power and speed down current to part any knot that has the slightest bit of weakness.

He truly is the “Super Snook.” What does it take to hook and land the legendary Super Snook? Many have hooked what they thought to be Super Snook, but none have ever landed this beast. Do you have the right gear? Right bait? Right tide? What will it take to finally slip a hand under Super Snook’s massive gills and lift him to get that killer shot! Who wants to be the one that catches the smartest and biggest Snook in the world?! Do you have what it takes?! Could you be that person out there that will be the first to successfully hook, play, and land Super Snook?!?!

With millions of anglers out there licensed to do battle with the Super Snook you can bet that sooner or later a fisherman will run into this icon of the sport fishing world. Will the outcome be the same as it has been to date, or will it be pictures of the Super Snook that didn’t get away? Only time will tell. We want to see all the pictures out there of anglers who think they have caught the Super Snook. We have a photo taken by a snorkeler (the only photo in existence) and have given that photo to Florida Marine Artist and Illustrator Captain Joe Suroviec. He has created the face that goes with the legend and even Joe doesn’t know the secret location of where this Super Snook's “Hole Sweet Hole” is. Be the first to locate, hook, play and land the legendary Super Fish and you will certainly be inducted into the Super Snook Fishing Hall of Fame. Are you ready for the challenge? We will see.


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